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Camila aka Erica - Small Juicy Tits

Camila Aka Erica first came to us as a brunette in a hot Euro Girls On Girls set that conjured up fantasies of twin lesbians, and now she's back as a blonde and looking sweeter with a body even tighter than ever! The young Russian hottie poses in our infamous egg shaped chair today and boy does she know how to make the most of it! Naked except for cute little pink and white socks, she looks at the camera teasingly, as she plays with her pert little titties and her pretty shaved peach. She has a slim, tight, nubile body that will make you think you should get arrested just for having naughty thoughts about her! When she brings out the colorful glass dildo, you won't just think naughty thoughts, but you're sure to start getting downright nasty in your seat as you watch her insert it into her sweet pink folds. And with this in Full HD you'll get to see her every move in magnificent detail!

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