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Sexy blonde Colette toying

Here’s an awesome treat! Brand-new face Colette is yet another incredible blonde to grace us with her presence. Where does Denys DeFrancesco keep finding all these amazing girls? He must have a secret treasure map to Pussy Paradise! Well, Colette’s girl-next-door beauty is combined with an absolutely scrumptious apple bottom! Not to mention the mouthwatering titties she shows us, and the penetrating vibrator show she gives us! I hope we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this sweetheart. My heart started pounding and my hard-on started leaking the moment I eyeballed her down-to-earth smile above those black-nylon thighs! Colette is what I call a “bathwater girl”--meaning, she’s so gorgeous I’d be willing to drink a glass of her bathwater if she commanded me to! On the other hand, it would also be a dream-cum-true to lick her shaved pussy and immaculate asshole as a prelude to having her climb on top of my cock and fuck the living shit out of me!!! I guess you know now how I feel about Colette!!!

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