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Anjelica - Silky teen in knee-high socks

Hot Russian teen Angelica has been quite a hit sensation since she first debuted back in May, and we know you fans will be quite excited, in more ways than one, to see her back again this month! She looks so angelic, as her name implies, but if you've been following her the last couple months, you know that's just not true! She knows how to work that lithe, nubile physique of hers like a world seasoned pro! Today the blonde cutie is in a steamy solo bedroom set, dressed in a cute little lingerie number complete with matching panties and socks. Her movements are slow and deliberate as she runs her hands along her body, and removes each article of clothing one by one. She then rubs her small, perky tits with one hand, while she brings her other hand to her cleanly shaved pussy, parting her lips with her pink manicured nails, so she can stick not just one, but two of her slender fingers deep inside. You're sure to get off just by the sounds of her moans and the sight of her tight body undulating on the bed!

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