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Delivery Boy Gets A Blowjob

Some people like to put pineapple on pizza, like Deniska (aka Angelina Love). That’s what she’s ordered and that’s what Tomas, aka Tarzan, delivers. There also seems to be ham on the pizza, too; but the pineapple is the more unusual ingredient. (Hey, the writer of these words is a sausage, mushroom and anchovy guy from way back.) But there’s yet another ingredient Deniska enjoys, and Tomas knows how to deliver that too--his cock, sticking up in the middle of the pizza through a hole in the box and the pie. Deniska immediately goes for his meat, leaning her face over the cheese and tomatoey concoction as she blows his shaft. Then she stands up and takes off her little black microdress while Tomas and his tool wait patiently on the couch, his inches unflaggingly stiff in the middle of the pizza. Deniska enjoys his dick with a sprinkling of pineapple, and Tomas even stands up and holds the pie over his crotch with his pork peeking out. But eventually the food gets in the way, and the couple puts it aside so that Deniska can kneel worshipfully and just concentrate on that dong--sucking deeply, licking the balls, and masturbating herself as she squats in front of him with her face filled. They finally get back to the pizza when they’ve taken off their clothes--Deniska sits on the couch holding the pie as she throats his johnson, until finally he squirts out his cream all over her tongue. She lets the man-goo drip off her mouth onto the pizza, and then Tomas sticks his prick back through the hole in the pie so she can lick the sperm off as it slides down his inches. The cum drips off into the pineapple and ham, and Deniska greedily laps that up too. Who knows what she’ll put on her pizza next?? We thought the pineapple was pretty radical until we saw her choose the prick!

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