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Luna & Tess B & Whitney Conroy - The Writer - You Belong To Me

A new character gets introduced in "The Writer - You Belong to Me," the seventh installment of Alis Locanta's epic erotic series. She's a former lover of Luna's, and when they're reunited after a years-long separation they pick up right where they left off. Tantalizing brunette Tess B plays the role of Tess, and she and Luna are featured in two long, leisurely, and loving scenes of impassioned and dramatically orgasmic Sapphic sexuality. Another character has been waiting in the wings, as well, and that character is the green-eyed monster better known as jealousy. When Luna's other lesbian lover, Whitney Conroy, snoops around on Luna's laptop she reads all about her affair with newcomer Tess, and jealousy makes its entrance. As Luna's rekindled romance with Tess blossoms, so does Whitney's suspicion, envy, and possessiveness. Luna's other lover, Franck Franco, plays a supporting role here, but as the trailer at the end of the film suggests, he'll soon be experiencing some kinky entanglements of his own in a future episode. As it evolves and develops additional layers of complexity "The Writer" series becomes more and more compelling, and as "The Writer - You Belong to Me," demonstrates, there ample pleasures to enjoy now, and more thrills, chills, and sexual surprises coming soon.

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